Cherin and Sal


Join Nova Arts Salon co-owners Cherin Choi & Sal Salcedo for their in-depth "Look & Learn" course. This intimate educational experience is open to all professionals who wish to expand their knowledge and inspire their creativity.

More than just an educational experience, Nova Arts Academy represents an evolution of the community and industry into a new collective. Just as stars merge to become brighter, we creatively embrace change and reinvention, helping people shine.

Featuring a comprehensive, step-by-step breakdown of hair transformations co-created between Cherin & Sal.

While Sal breaks down his customized haircuts embracing the person's unique texture, Cherin will walkthrough her signature highlight patterns she refined that allow her to transform dark and coarse hair with minimal damage, to low maintenance and beautiful.

This diverse, and intimately sized class environment provides time to engage with both Sal and Cherin directly throughout the day as they discuss the importance of a detailed consultation process, and share their photography secrets that helped build a thriving social media audience.

For more information, email or call us at 323.244.4277 to speak with our education team.

Class Breakdown


Nova Arts Salon Shadow Education provides a unique education experience to shadow the work of Sal and/or Cherin during a typical workday.

This “Look & Learn” style education allows you to observe an entire workday of Sal and/or Cherin through their detailed consultation process with clients, photography secrets for dynamic before and afters, and customized cut and color transformations.

While each Shadow Education schedule is unique, you will have the opportunity to observe a variety of transformations, including Sal’s signature effortless haircuts, and/or Cherin’s multi-dimensional highlight techniques, and her signature low-maintenance patterns.

To minimize interruptions during client appointments, there will be time to engage with Sal and/or Cherin directly at the end of the day to conclude with any questions regarding techniques, formulas, or general salon inquiries.